Why you bother me, when you KNOW DAMN WELL YOU DON’T WANT MY ASS?!

Why you bother me, when you KNOW DAMN WELL YOU DON’T WANT MY ASS?!

Y’all… I cannot stop listening to this SZA album CTRL.

I love it!

We can all relate. We know that one dude that hits us up weekly with no intentions on actually getting to know us. You can’t really get to know someone by just sending “good morning” and “wyd?” text everyday. And lets not forget about the ones in your IG DMs. You know the one’s in “committed relationships” Sure.


I’m not petty enough to screenshot and send it to your GF.

Got me looking forward to weekends with you though..


The Weekend…. is just my triflin’ truth. That’s my shit. I be like..

body roll 2.gif


I’ll admit. I went to his house one weekend, found a curling iron on the floor, tampon wrappers and Forever 21 tags in the trashcan.. I still stayed the night. I was upset about it. But I’ll still go back if he hits me up to come over. I just tell myself “I just keep him satisfied through the weekend. She’s like 9-5. Im the Weekend” He looks forward to my visits. It shows.


Drew Barrymore

The music kind of reminds me of some kind of 90’s soft rock band. Something like Sublime or 311, one of their softer songs like Amber.. I like it. Issa Vibe!


Supermodel has to be my favorite song on the album.

“Leave me lonely for prettier women” 

Got me feeling insecure AF. I’ve been in that situation. Just makes you wonder “what’s wrong with me?” I was just a temporary lover. When really you’re emotionally wrapped up and you want to be seen for more than an occasional booty call. It’s possible to see me as more.

The whole album is just… A Vibe. I needed this in my life.

I used to think I was crazy.

Thank You SZA for making me feel normal again. 🙂


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